Rough Rock

Rough rock has a special place in my heart and on my shelves. 

I began as a lapidary cutting cabochons with the BC Lapidary Society (BCLS). Because Rubble Rock and Gem proudly offers a drop-in lapidary workshop in the back of the store, I stock many rough boulders and slabs, but I have also amassed many pieces of cutting material for its sentimental value. 

You can find almost anything you can think of in my shop or in the back:  from fire agates, to sugilite, gaspeite, smokey quartz, kunzite, gem silica, laguna agates, dino bone, meteorites... all the finer high-end stock for your special cabs (and for me to dip into!) I also have bins of more affordable slabs, from $1 or $2 each, and up. You can pick from the bins in the showroom, or ask to see more in the back if you're interested in more material than presented there.

Please note that any purchase of rough cutting grade is a final sale. We do our best to assess it for you, but our assessment is only opinion, not fact. When you buy rough, it’s ultimately up to you to assess the rock and envision yield.​

Click here for a list of our rough material types.

Last Updated June 13, 2019


I collected rocks as a kid, but drifted away from it when I entered my pre-teens. Fossils rekindled my fondness for stone, when I was trying to decorate my apartment. Fossils are special to me—I love them all and have a sweet spot for them. You can purchase fossilized sharks’ teeth, jawbones, amber, and hells. You can buy the bigger things in my shop as well: such as partial skeletons, fossilized alligator heads, turtle heads, opalized clams, lobsters, and everything in between—such as petrified wood and fossilized sand dollars.


We stock myriad crystals. You will find small ones and large ones, low-grade and high-grade, common ones, and ones you've never even heard of… come visit the store and see for yourself.


Here's where you jeweller types are going to want to plan to spend your day visiting my store. 

I began as a stone cutter, so I have an extensive knowledge of cabochon styles, quality and, well: let’s just say I live and breathe stone cutting. I try to offer you options. I have many types of cabochons, as well as cut shapes. I have what you could call a divided stock, between those cut in North America, most often by myself or other local stonecutters I support. Alongside these cabs, you will also find stones cut overseas. I visit other countries multiple times a year to source these stones. Sometimes I buy ready-made; other times, I contract cutters to work for me. If any of the thousands of cabochons in the showroom do not appeal to you, we provide custom cutting.

Click here for a LIST of our Cabochons

Last Updated Jan 1, 2019

Faceted Stones

You know, there aren't a lot of us that set these. It took me years to appreciate them. But now, I can't make a piece without one. Gemstones, whether small or big, are a bold statement in artisan jewelry. I carry semi precious and Precious. That means- everything from $1 amethysts to high end emeralds and sapphires. I catour to many crowds, but the finest gems should be purchased from reputable gemologists. I tend more towards the art of it all, so I have had some very unorthodox stone faceted. you'll find our local jade, carnelions, botswana agate, petrified woods, and more among the conventional smokey quartz, amethyst, aquamarines and opals. I am a patron of our provincial stones, and thus, you will find Whistler quartz, black and yellow agates, and other local stones dug by myself or mining friends.

I have many larger stones, fancy cut, standard cut, as well as small stones, as low as .5mm rounds.

Click here for a LIST of our Faceted Stones.

Last Updated Jan 1, 2019

Gem Carvings

This is one of my pride and joys, as a gem cutter, carving pulls me in more than any other practice. I specialize in mass producing gem carvings, through a self discovered trade secret. My store is stocked with stones that will bring value to your metal work, as well as endless attention. All are one of a kind, hand cut. I have carvings from overseas as well, but heavily place my energy in producing them here, as well as supporting local artisans.


We stock gemstone jewellery, which we source locally as well as overseas.

Arrow Heads

I still love toknap arrowheads (and offer lessons as well). For this reason, I sell well-made blades and points from North America, as well as arrowheads made overseas.


I do intend to stock up on some very rare minerals, as of yet, most of the specimens I have in stock are of the affordable nature.


Like many rock shops, I carry tumbled stones, and polished slabs- but what makes my selection unique is the fact that I run 12 tumblers in the back room, meaning i'm tumbling material that is not commonly on the market. For the same prices as anywhere else, you can come here and hand pick through hundreds of pounds of tumbled stone- all of it unique. I polish slabs in back too, which means, you're going to get a whole lot more than generic agate slabs off my shelves. You'll find plenty more in the shop with every visit, I'm growing faster than seems manageable.



I try to support local rockhounds and lapidarys in the storefront. If youre a local gem cutter, or a miner, please message me with sample photos of your products. If they are a suitable fit for the storefront, I will be happy to discuss consignment or wholesale.

If you consider yourself adept in a jewelry or lapidary field, please set up an appointment for review, as I am always looking for instructors and shop supervisors to take some work off my hands.

YES! I buy estate sales. Machines and rock. Please call or email to make an appointment for viewing.

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