Lapidary Studio

Advanced Lapidary Tools and Equipment.


Hourly: $8/ hr

Monthly Drop In Pass: $200

Seperate Saw room with ventilation!

Lapidary Tools Available

Carving Station
Tooling Machines

Lamination Bench
Flat Laps

Vibratory Flat Lap
15lb Barrel Tumblers

Vibratory Tumblers

6" Diamond Wheel Set

8" Diamond Wheles Set
Large Carving Arbors
Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheels

Faceting Machine

Drill Press
10" Slab Saws

14" Slab Saw

18" Slab Saw

24" Slab Saw

6" Opal Trim Saw

8" Standard Trim Saw

Rough for Sale

Richardson's High Speed Sander

Richardson's Buffing Wheel


Lapidary BandSaw

Portable Lapidary Chainsaw (cement saw)

284 SW Marine Dr. Vancouver, BC

V5X 2R5

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