Metal Works Studio

Every tool for the novice to advanced Jeweler.

Hourly Drop in: $8 per hour

Monthly Pass: $200

Cold work (no electricity or gas)  50% discount on rate.

Metal Work Tools


Soldering Station
8" Bench Shear
8" Pitch Pot
Hydraulic Press

Ventilated Buffing Arbor

Magnetic Pin Finisher
Ultrasonic Cleaners

Electroplating & Electroforming
Enamel Kilns

Mini Sandblaster

Drill Press

Tacker 1

Precious Metal Welder

Wax Extrusion Gun

Tool Making

Lamination Bench
Wax Working Station

Stone Setting

All Hand Tools (Saws, Stakes, Pliers)

Repair Station

Lapidary Equipment
Gemstones available for Purchase

Centrifugal Casting Arm

Wax injector


Vaccume chamber

Electric Furnace

Propane & Oxygen Torches

Acetylene Torch

Geared Rolling Mill  

284 SW Marine Dr. Vancouver, BC

V5X 2R5

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