Mined in Madagascar


Sea urchins are marine animals belonging to the Echinoidea class. They are round invertebrates covered with spikes.

Their name comes from the Greek word Eckinos meaning « hedgehog ».

Sea urchins appeared at the end of the Ordovician period (450 million years). Currently, there are about 1000 known sea urchin species classified in more than 70 families.

Sea urchins are made of a mineral envelope more or less spherical according to the species. This protection is what is going to be fossilized in the end and shows a star pattern more or less visible. For some species, this pattern looks like a flower. It is mainly due to this pattern that the sea urchin is present in numerous legends and stories all over the world.


Size range: Approx. 3cm

Fossil Urchin

  • Fossil will be of similar likeness to photograph but not exact same.

  • Sea Urchin fossils align you with the powers of the ocean while providing you stability, security and focus in times of personal change. Sea Urchin gemstones carry with them a deep connection to the ebb and flow of energy as experienced through the waters of the sea. These fossils were created through millions of years, through ancient periods of time on Earth and therefore resonate with layers of natural energy. Though skeletal they are vibrant fossils that live through the richness and depth of their colors in tan, gold, brown and ochre. Through this stone you will find balance & harmony while removing the negative energy blockages and giving you clarity. As once living beings each Sea Urchin stone has its own meaning and own personality.

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