This is litterally your beginner level silversmithing course. If you've never worked with metal or soldered a joint with a torch, you're in the right place. I, or another instructor will teach you all you need to know to get started. You'll make a ring with a stone set in it (cabochon). It will be made in silver. EVERYTHING you need for this course is included in the fees. You will get to take your memento home with you, but not the tools- those you'll have the opportunity to purchase from my shelves.


Here at my studio, I focus on teaching the theory behind your practice. There are other studios in the city that will engage you in the proccess of making your own ring, but I go to great lengths to explain the atomic process that occurs when that torch touches metal, I explain why, certain reactions occur, and how to affect these reactions in advantageous ways. If you are serious about picking up silversmithing as more than a one time ordeal, then you will be pleased with this course curriculum.

Silversmithing I

  • Hours: 12


    Prerequisits: None


    Requirements: None

284 SW Marine Dr. Vancouver, BC

V5X 2R5

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