Here now, maybe you've put in more time at home, or in the drop in hours and are ready to push your practice further, this is where more science is thrown at you, and intermediate techniques are practiced.You MUST have a basic concept of silversmithing to partake effectively in this course. IE: have completed ten pieces. Stone setting will be examined further, including faceted stones. Sourcing material will be explained more thoroughly, questions on mass production and high end statement pieces will be addressed, and more tools will be introduced to your arsenal. You'll make a ring or pendant, but this ones gonna be artsy. You will also be taught how to mix metals through fabrication.

Silversmithing II

  • Hours: 10

    Prerequisites: Silversmithing I or equivalent

    Tools required: Bring current projects, as well as favorite pieces made. Enough metal will be provided for you to learn with, but it will benefit you to grab a selection of various types and gauges of sheet and wire from home

284 SW Marine Dr. Vancouver, BC

V5X 2R5

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