Casting is a brilliant way to step into mass production and fine art jewelry. Casting is my recommended way to get past working with milled metal and into your own sculpting of metal. Metal will do anything you want- it expands into any form. Here, we look at creating those forms. Working with wax is the conventional way of modeling your piece. I teach various ways of milling, and scultping the wax- through hot and cold work. I even show you how to make your own waxes from harvested materials. I push further with harvesting and explain how to take forms from nature, such as twigs and fruit peels to form alternative metal forms. In this course, you will not actually cast your work. For the extent of it is spent on giving you a full array of the ways to create original jewelry. (For an additional fee, I will cast your work.)

Wax and Organics Modeling

  • Hours: 7


    Prerequisites: none

    Tools required: Bring various Items from nature, such as bark, leaves, kitchen scraps, ...anything organic (no plastics, metals...)

284 SW Marine Dr. Vancouver, BC

V5X 2R5

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