Communal Tool Area

Think of it like a communal garage. This is a space well equipped with a variety of tools and benches. If you need a space to bang out a project for a day, or two months- lets talk. Its easily accessible with a pull up garage door out back. Grade Level loading with a stairwell.

Visitors Rates:

$8 an hour

$120 Monthly Drop In

Permanent artists get free access to this space.

Tools Available


Belt / Wheel sander Combo

Palm sanders

Drill press

Milling Press

Spray Paint Tent

Air Brush

Jig Saws

Scroll Saw

Bench Grinders

Spray Paint stencils

Digital Stencil Cutter

Hand tools (Pliers, wrenches, hammers, etc.)

Tile Saws


Angle Grinder

Pneumatic Die Grinders    

Visitor Options:

Teaching courses

Life Modeling

Individual projects

Spray Paint Art


Tool Making

Small Scale woodwork


284 SW Marine Dr. Vancouver, BC

V5X 2R5

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